Kenneth Freeman


Hometown: I was born in NJ, lived my childhood in Wyoming till the age of 11. Moved back to NJ until i was 14 then NC in the mass exodus of 1989.

What pushed me to construction: i got my start in construction very early during summers with my father helping with his small remodeling, decking, roofing, handyman business at around the age of 6 or 7 when I could handle a hammer, shovel, broom, and dustpan. I was not forced into this business by my father but always wanted to be as good as him and spend as much time with him as possible  Working with him brought me much happiness and pride.

What jobs have I held: I started as a general construction helper with my father at a very young age. I have held many other odd jobs such as paperboy, auto body shop and mechanic helper, dishwasher, line cook, waiter, bartender, restaurant manager, charter fisherman, and boat rental tech.  I was a file/mailroom assistant in my uncles dermatology office, and out of high school I started trade work in the electrical field and worked as a helper for two years before receiving my crew vehicle lead for 1 year before moving on to work with my father again as a restaurant remodeler for a large chain owner. In between my many odd jobs and after restaurant remodeling I moved back to my passion of home remodeling/building mostly as a skilled helper/laborer.   I eventually moved in to superintendent work and quality control. I have also kept a mostly part time handyman/remodeling hobby alive by taking on the occasional bathroom, deck, or custom up fit jobs.   I have been with Carolina Classic for 8 years now and has allowed me to hone in my love and passion for construction and customer service.

My biggest professional accomplishment:   Years ago i contracted a $25,000 deck demolition and rebuild.  I performed the entire job 100% by myself in under 12 days.

What i like to do outside of work: when I am not working I enjoy salt water fishing, tinkering in the garage with furniture building, hiking, snowboarding, and Cooking! I am a large man and this engine takes premium fuel!

My passions: are being able to stand back after a job and being able to say to myself this is a job my father would be proud to say my son did this with the knowledge passed on.

In my personal life:  The things I am most passionate about is my family. My wife Kelley, my son Adrian, and my two step children Joshua and Alexandra.  I love teaching my 3 children and passing on what I can from mine and previous generations.

Other info:  The happiness and satisfaction of my employers clients is worth more than any weekly paycheck. I will be the customers advocate and champion in any fight for getting what the customer deserves and has a right to.

My favorite quote: “Mother is the word for God on the lips and hearts of all children”  and “An army of sheep led by a lion is far better than an army of lions led by a sheep.” That one is from Alexander the Great